Eker Group

Eker Design AS is a part of the Eker Group (click the image to go to the Eker Group web site). The well recognized entrepreneur Bård Eker is the owner and Managing Director of Eker Group AS, which consists of the following companies:


Projectiondesign AS (Eker Group ownership 54%):

Production & development of award winning high-end projectors like the F1, F2, F3 and V1.


Eker Design AS (Eker Group ownership 100%):

Award winning design office, with international recognised clients like Projectiondesign, Leica, Infocus, ASK, Christie Digital, Stokke, Philips, Infocus, Ibiza, Tandberg, Husqvarna, Husaberg, Oslo airport Gardermoen, Brunswick, Handicare, Etac, Toshiba, Hydrolift, Koenigsegg, Ecosse, Høiax, Happy Garden, Scand Boats.


Hydrolift AS (Eker Group ownership 100%):

Production & development of award winning sports boats – Hydrolift S-24, C-24, C-27 and C-31.


Koenigsegg (Eker Group ownership 49%):

Eker Group is also part owner in Koenigsegg AB, with production & development of the world fastest super sports car – the Koenigsegg CCX and the CCXR.


Link: www.ekergroup.no