Yamarin 81DC

Eker Design is proud to present the new flagship from Yamarin.

Eker Design, Petestep® and Yamarin have created this innovative boat based on the new Yamarin design DNA and revolutionary hull technology. Eker Design has been responsible for the design DNA,  the overall design and the complete development and mechanical engineering from the waterline and up. The new design DNA was created by rethinking the Yamarin brand with its current core values as a foundation. The main goal has been to create a stronger identity in their GRP product range.

The unique hull design and unique functional design from the bow to the aft are revolutionary.

Said with other words “no design without functionality”.

We wish Yamarin all the best with 81DC and are looking forward to see the boat on the water this summer!

The 81DC can be seen at the Düsseldorf boat show 23. – 31.January 2016.




Introducing SlimType NFC smart cover

with Integrated Keyboard


Eker Design has together with One2Touch, developed - and now launched world’s first and slimmest NFC smartcover with integrated keyboard. One2Touch is a global innovator in NFC wireless communication products.

The lightweight and stylish SlimType smart cover let you to take advantage of the full size screen on your smartphone when typing. SlimType smart cover is optimized for Samsung Galaxy S6 Flat and S6 Edge.

With no batteries, connectors, or need for charging, the SlimType smart cover has great advantages. We have managed to make the product ultra slim, and by the slim design, the cover will easily fit in your pocket, purse or jacket. The smooth soft surface will at the same time protect your phone.

SlimType smart cover is ideal for taking quick notes, responding to e-mails and text messages, and will be a great tool for use in meetings or classes and “on the go”.