Mascot Smartcharger

Eker Design has together with the electrical experts at the Mascot development team, designed and developed the new Smartcharger! By combining smart design with high quality electronics, the product is both userfriendly, resistant to all weather conditions, and have a smart and rough design at the same time. The product is now out in the market, available for you to charge your devices.

Mascot`s new charger is designed for all types of Lead Acid batteries; GEL, AGM, WET and SLA. It is both dust and waterproof (IP65) and delivered with a LED flash in a practical briefcase. This portable charger is short circuit proof and protected against reversed polarity. There is also a memory function for last used charge program and you have the possibility to select mode for battery size, type, recondition and power supply. The charger includes temperature compensated charge voltage, with external temperature in addition to a 6 step charge control with microprocessor.







Wireless kill switch WIMEA- FELL

The WIMEA replaces the physical lanyard kill switch with a safe and robust wireless connection, and set the standard for safe and unrestricted movability at sea. Eker Design has been responsible for the design of all mechanical parts and been involved from concept to mass production. Its robust electronic platform meets the strongest requirements for marine safety and has a unique communication protocol called WIMEA8, all developed by Fell.

We wish Fell all the best with their new product and hope for a sunny summer in Scandinavia and Europe. We encourage you to study Fell homepage and discover the safety and freedom their product can provide you on the water this summer. No strings attached.




Nordkapp is launching their new top model, designed by Eker Design.

The Noblesse 790 is a further refinement of the Noblesse 760 and is adapted to the new Evinrude E -Tec G2 Series. We have placed great emphasis on refining Nordkapps existing design DNA , says Bård Eker.

Based on the 760's already clever layout, we have further managed to increase roominess almost every aspect. The designers have been focusing on finding additional space utilizing every centimeter adding up to a new spacious experience without this compromising the sportiness. In addition every loose gear now has its own dedicated space. The cockpit feels like a comfortable a large flexible lounge area perfect for relaxing in the sun, swimming or water sports.


PLEASE SEE LINK TO: Båtmagasinet


Ørjan`s platters and forms for the Bocuse d`Or 2015 – designed by Eker Design.

Congratulations to the Norwegian team lead by Ørjan working towards one goal only: Gold in the Bocuse d'Or in 2015! We thank you for an inspiring and excellent cooperation on the journey towards victory.

The platter and forms are based on a Norse expression, developed in close cooperation with Ørjan Johannessen , Odd Ivar Solvold and Theodor Olsen Silversmiths i Bergen. Norwegian knowledge and creativity combined millennia-old craftsmanship in silver ornamentation provided Ørjan with an extra boost emphasizing the focus on the genuine Norwegian taste and appearance.

The Culinary World Championship is all about craftsmanship and thousands of hours of training. Additionally innovation and pioneering are required to excite the judges in terms of expression and taste. Eker Design has for The Culinary World Championship 2015 developed completely new expression based on old filigree tradition in combination with silvering fragile 3D printed patterns.


Photo: Jan Nilsen - Impulse




Ledige stillinger / Vacant positions

Vi søker:

* Teknisk tegner 2D dokumentasjon


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Multiroom audio system launch - IXION

The Norwegian company T- Radio launch these days a groundbreaking newcomer within the hifi 2.0 segment. This multiroom audio system IXION is a Norwegian high quality product, designed and engineered by Eker Design. T-radio and Eker Design have combined the very best of modern Norwegian craftsmanship, history from Tandberg, design and functionality!


Please see link to: IXION, LYD & BILDE, AND VIDEO FROM NRK




New 3D scanner to Eker Design

A Model Maker MMDX200 with 7-axis Romer Absolute Arm 7535SE from Hexagon arm is the latest addition to Eker Design's pool of 3D scanning tools. The MMDX series uses ESP3 technology to deliver extreme scanning precision of almost any surface colour, texture or form, including freeform, using a single pass. No respraying or multiple area scans required. The scanner has a high frame rate and stripe width of 200mm making it the ultimate productivity tool for inspection, reverse engineering and other 3D data capture applications.


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Interactive driver environment demonstrator for Kongsberg Automotive.

To visualize the Kongsberg Automotive brand and functionality, Eker Design has designed, engineered and manufactured a stylish and interactive driver environment demonstrator for KA’s truck components. The demonstrator was  launched at the IAA fair 2014 in Hannover with great success!




Bård Eker as Key Note Speaker

A lecture about creativity, innovation and speed as success parameters! An insight into the history of Bård Eker, and the story behind one of Scandinavia's most successful Entrepreneurs.




Eker Design wins once again the Honours Award for Design Excellence!

The Honorable Design Excellence Award is the most prestigious award for design in Norway. Only one product receives the award annually, and it is given to the designer and producer as a team. For the second year in a row Eker Design and customers are winning this prestigious award. The Norwegian Design Council requires specifically high degree of innovation and creativity, as well as excellent design work from the receivers.

New environmental regulations made Øveraasen building a new engine for their high performance snow removal Equipment series. The story could have ended here, but instead the traditional manufacturer decided to develop the future snowploughs with Eker Design! The new Øveraasen Performance Line combines form and function to the very limit, and shoveled the competition off the field!

It does not rust, pollutes less and are far easier to maintain than similar machines. We are really enthusiastic, and we congratulate
Øveraasen with the award!








Redningsskøyta Elias

Eker Design and Hydrolift, both companies inside Eker Group are proud to announce that the entire development of “redningsskøyta Elias” has taken place inside our company group. The “Redningsskøyta Elias” is based on the popular animated figure and 3D modelled at Eker Design targeting children for fun and educational purposes. The epoxy plugs were materialized in our large scale CNC milling machine. Later these milled units formed the base for the fiberglass moulds at Hydrolift in order to create the final skin. All fiberglass parts and equipment assemblies were finalized at the Hydrolift production site.

We congratulate Redningsselskapet with the successful launch of "redningsskøyta Elias", and we are proud of what we have achieved together! We do wish all these Elias vessels a safe journey! Ship Ohoi


Please see link to: FREDRIKSTAD BLAD and REDNINGSSELSKAPET Photo: Redningsselskapet




Olympic TV2 studio in Sochi, Russia

Anders Tomren and Eker Design have together created the Olympic TV2 studio features. The wall itself is 3D surface modeled, milled and materialized at Eker Design. The wall is a very sculptural three-dimensional shape, making this into a characteristic playful display of light and shadows.



Please see link to: FREDRIKSTAD BLAD



Øveraasen futuristic Norwegian snow how, design by Eker Design

During the Inter Airport Exhibition in Munich this week, Øveraasen is launching the next generation of high performance snow removal equipment. The futuristic and breath-taking design shows the company’s willingness to take huge steps into the future. The entire new line of products has been designed according to the latest requirements in respect to engine emission standards, and the introduction of new composite technology allowing much improved aerodynamics.

Introducing the new range of products, Øveraasen has not only confirmed their world leading position for high capacity airport snow removal equipment, but taken a long lead to their competitors. We congratulate Øveraasen with the successful launch, and we are proud of what we have achieved together!



Steinsvik Aquafeeder designed by Eker Sandvik

Through our design process we enabled Steinsvik Aqua to innovate on requirements related to production, safety, usability, comfort and environment. Next to managing the design process and developing a new identity for the new series of barges, our deliveries included GA and steel/stability calculations. Eker Sandviks design and development work is starting to make an impact in the offshore and maritime sector.


We congratulate Steinsvik Aqua with the successful launch of the new innovative feed barge concept at AquaNor!



Please see link to: EKER SANDVIK AND VIDEO


Eker Design collaborates with three young school-girls creating a new innovative, colorful and sculptural bench!

Hedda Jørgensen, Marthe Jansen and Tide Molven got the playful idea of ​​a colorful ball-bench, and Eker Design has helped materializing their ideas. The project is led by Nina Molven from Qulthus Fredrikstad, and backed financially by Sparebankstiftelsen DNB and Forsvarsbygg. The ball-bench is a completely different and expressive bench in bold colours, making this into a playful and sculptural element. Main construction is steel frame and fiberglass with polyurethane balls.






Eker Goes SLS

The world's very first mini Mercedes SLS AMGs will be available at Hunderfossen Familiepark from the 1st of June 2013. Eker Design together with our sister company Hydrolift has been in charge of design and manufacture. The mini SLS AMGs are equipped with Electric Drive and Anti-Collision System, the same way as the full-size original. Many of us will not be allowed driving unfortunately, due to height restrictions from 120-150 cm! We wish Hunderfossen Familiepark great success, and please do visit this summer!




Norwegian Design Council give 2013 Honorable Design Exellence Award to Eker Design for Mini Post Van Paxster

The Honorable Design Excellence Award is the most prestigious award for design in Norway. Only one product receives the award annually, and it is given to the designer and producer as a team. The Norwegian Design Council requires specifically high degree of innovation and creativity, as well as excellent design work from the receivers of this award.

We are really enthusiastic about the award,  -  Automotive design is definitely always fuelling the spirits with our designers, says Bård Eker, owner and CEO of Eker Design.

Loyds Paxster has a series of innovative functions and solutions. It has a clear identity, with a robust and playful feel. The big wheels make the Paxster very functional for the job and the drivability is great.  Ingress and egress is easy, and the mail is safely protected against the weather.

Loyds were very open towards our design proposals. We focused on achieving a functional expression that enabled all the great ergonomic solutions from Loyds´ engineering team. Additionally, we aimed for shapes and curvatures that enabled easily vacuum molded body panels.

I think we have created a robust yet playful expression on the Paxster, says Josef Tangen, design responsible for the Paxster development at Eker Design




Red Dot Award to ICON by Eker Design

The dynamic ICON bench has received the Red Dot Award 2013 in the Category Product Design. ICON is a different and expressive bench for public spaces – both indoor and outdoor. The bench comes in bold colors like red, yellow and orange, and with Eker Design competence in high performance powerboats, the bench is also available in carbon fiber. Main construction is steel and fiberglass with lifetime-lasting in-molded color.

We congratulate Vestre AS with the award!

About Vestre AS:
Vestre develops, designs and produces furniture for public spaces. Vestre`s high quality standards in design, manufacturing and choice of material result in beautiful furniture with low maintenance need and a longlifetime. The company was founded in 1947 and has been at the forefront of innovative furniture development for generations.



Eker Goes Solo

Eker Design and Hydrolift, both companies inside Eker Group are proud to announce that the complete development of this large scale bottle has taken place inside our company. The 0,5liter bottle were first laser scanned in our in-house 3D-scanner. Then the model were scaled to the full size 8meter. The epoxy plug where then milled in our large scale CNC milling machine. Later this milled unit were assembled and the glassfiber production at Hydrolift could create the final skin. All internal parts and equipment where then developed and installed at Hydrolift production site. The world's largest message-in-a-bottle will be released to the ocean currents outside of Tenerife on March 13th. We do wish this wessel a happy journey! Ship Ohoi

Free video of how the giant bottle was made, can be downloaded or embedded from these links: VIDEO and VIDEO






Eker and Sandvik collaborate on new innovative company: Eker Sandvik AS

Bard Eker and the Sandvik family goes together to form a strong new industrial design and product development environment for offshore and maritime sectors.
Sandvik has through their companies an established foundation in the offshore and marine environment, while EKER group has experienced increasing demand from companies in this sector. The collaboration represents a strategic and significant step towards the establishment of an expert group with the necessary presence and professional expertise to provide industrial design and product development services with a unique know-how to meet the demands and expectations from this sector.


Please read more at www.ekersandvik.no


Jøtul FS 90-series

Jøtul and Eker Design have combined the best of modern Norwegian craftsmanship, design and functionality. The series has an elegant heat accumulating surrounding of light concrete mixed with olivine sand, emitting heat gradually over a long period of time. The large curved glass door is providing an exceptional visual focus point and a view to the flames. The result is an efficient fireplace with a slim and elegant shape enhancing most architectural spaces. We are proud of our contribution and we are wishing Jøtul great success!




Ørjan`s platters and forms for the Bocuse d`Or 2013.

Since August 2012 the Eker Design Team Ørjan have worked together to create Ørjan`s platters and forms for the Bocuse d` Or World Championship in Lyon 2013. As for the Euopean Championship  - this year`s collaboration has been an exciting and intriguing journey, side by side with one of the worlds best chefs. The focal point has been the meat platter, created around the idea of 12 leafs – one for each judge -  with a raised centerpiece. The premium craftsmanship from Norway´s oldest silversmith company Theodor Olsen eftf. ensured that every detail in the design was taken care of. With an incredible focus on detail Ørjan is an unusual client to work with. We congratulate him with a great result in Lyon!






Bocuse d`Or 2013

The Bocuse d`Or, which is arranged every second year, is one of the world's most prestigious cooking competitions and is frequently referred to as the culinary equivalent of the Olympic Games. This year Norway is represented by Ørjan Johannessen. Due to Ørjan Johannessen gold medal from Bocuse d`Or Europe in March 2012, Norway is expected to be one of the favorites. Norway has won Bocuse d`Or 4times since its start in 1987.

Eker Design created Ørjans platters for the European Championship, and now also for the World Championship at Sirha in Lyon.

Eker Design was selected as the preferred design company for the Norwegian stand at  the Bocuse d`Or. In cooperation with Gastronomisk Institutt and Måltidets Hus in Stavanger we have been responsible for designing the complete stand from idea to building it on site in Lyon. Ergonomics, purchase, logistics, selection of sub suppliers and quality control are some of the main work areas involved in this process. We are also proud to announce that this is a Norwegian product where many of the parts has been produced by our inhouse CNC machine and our metal work shop. All graphical work has been designed and prepared for printing inhouse at Eker Design.

We at Eker Design wish Ørjan Johannessen and Norway the best for Bocuse d`Or 2013!






Sushi of Norway

Sushi of Norway AS is a brand new sushi concept, delivering the highest quality sushi to its customers. It is based on fresh Norwegian seafood in combination with exciting asian tastes. The Bocuse d´Or winner Geir Skeie is co-founder and assists the Sushi of Norway product development team in the creation of menus based on genuine Norwegian freshly caught seafood.
Eker Design is the company´s chosen design agency, and has delivered the design - from idea to complete production. Together, Eker Design and Sushi of Norway plan to continue the product development to include porcelain sushi dishes for great sushi-moments.

Eker Design wishes Sushi of Norway good luck with its new concept!

Sushi of Norway on Facebook.



Stroller launch - Stokke Crusi and Stokke Scoot

Eker Design are proud to present the new connection strollers from Stokke AS; Stokke Crusi and Stokke Scoot.

These unique strollers are the results of close co-operation between Stokke, Eker Design and preferred suppliers. The companies unique experience and knowledge of marketing, industrial design and engineering has been utilized to create these strollers in the best interest of the child. As for previous Stokke projects we have worked hard for seamless integration of soft and hard material to obtain a soft / appealing aesthetic and at the same time have focus on function and cost. For the multi-talented connection stroller Stokke Crusi, Eker Design has been involved all the way from the preproject, through the design and concept phase, and over to the mass production.
For the compact connection stroller Stokke Scoot, Eker design was involved from the preproject, concept phase to a fully functional model with all mechanical principles.

With the positive signals from the pre-market tests we at Eker Design expect that Stokke will succeed as the premium connection stroller company and continue their innovative work for the most important in our world; our children!

Please be honored to read more about the strollers here.



ICON by Eker Design

Vestre ICON is a new way of looking at furniture for public and private space. Since Vestre`s primary audience are architects, interior architects and landscape architects, the design process have focused on creating a furniture that plays along with their creative forces. The expression is both futuristic and retro at the same time, and with the choice of vibrant colors with contrasting polished aluminum the expression can be quite forceful – or playful – depending on the combination. Vestre ICON is also available in carbon fibre for a masculine twist. The LED light module gives a subtle illumination of the close surroundings.

Please read more about the product and the different variations here.



Hollywood loves Xplory

The Stokke Xplory stroller is popular among celebrities. Bruce Willis, Tori Spelling, Jennifer Hudson and Martha Stewart are just a few of the celebrities who are seen in Hollywood with a Xplory.
The stroller is a result of close co-operation between Eker Design and Stokke AS. Eker Design has been involved in the whole process from the concept design, construction, tooling, testing, homologation to the mass production. With focus on details, quality feel, quality control, improvement on child ergonomic and user-friendliness we have once again raised the level of premium strollers in the world.




Eker Design and Hydrolift honored with the Award for Design Excellence

The prestigious Award for Design Excellence rewards the most innovative and courageous companies and designers working together to create products and services through the methodical use of design.
Awards were handed out on Wednesday 18 April in Oslo during the Design Day, an annual event organized by the Norwegian Design Council where industry and designers are praised for successful innovation and great design.
The idea behind the model S-28 was to create an “all weather boat” without compromising with the Hydrolift image as a manufacturer of open sports boats in the premium segment. This is the fifth award for Eker Design in cooperation with Hydrolift.




Bocuse d´Or Gold Medalist with Eker Design at the table

The Norwegian chef Ørjan Johannessen was March 21 elected gold medal winner of the prestigious Bocuse d' Or Europe 2012. His gold-winning presentations has been designed in close relation with Eker Design.
The last months Eker Design has worked round the clock with chef Ørjan and his coach Odd Ivar Solvold to create the overall aesthetics of the fish and meat platters, including all its small pedestals, silver stools and stems. With dishes and designs in continuous development from start to end, the project has been an exciting journey that has proven how enthusiasm and competence together create remarkable results.
With the European gold medal safely in his pocket, Ørjan can now start preparing for the final goal of Bocuse d´Or World Cooking Contest in Lyon in 2013.

Follow Ørjan on Twitter HERE


One2Touch, the first NFC keyboard for mobile devices

Eker Design are industrial partners, and Eker Design are responsible for doing all the Design- and Engineering work in this project. Together with Eker Communication we are also able to make the complete marketing package and market approach for this new One2Touch Touch&Type keyboard.
Through the past year we have developed this product along with the rest of the One2Touch organization which is based in different locations here in Norway. The first product, now in flexible silicone for mobile phones, will be released for the Japanese market in Q2 2012 through Japanese distribution channels. The product concept range is huge and  we will continue to develop new products in different markets and range in the coming years.

One2Touch Touch&Type technology is a patented solution, and One2Touch received the Rosing innovation award now in november 2011!

See article about Rosing Award HERE
See article in Dagens Næringsliv HERE
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